5 Care Tips for your Favorite Shirt

A closet staple, shirts are versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with any outfit. It can go with almost anything -- jackets, pants, shorts, for casual looks, and even semi-formal. And because they are flexible, sometimes it gets used one too many times, eventually wearing out so quickly.


We went over easy to follow tips on how you can better take care of your shirts. Whether it’s a printed one or a plain shirt, we got you covered. Here’s to keeping them in tip-top shape and making your favorites last a little longer than its usual shelf life.


Turn your shirt inside out


This is most especially helpful for shirts with prints! This is a helpful technique to prevent colors from fading too quickly. Since they are not technically exposed directly to the heater and when using a washing machine, this makes the prints and colors stay a little longer.


Bluing agents help restore original whiteness


Keep your white shirts in its original color by using a bluing agent! These products are available in stores and are easy to spot when you’re looking for laundry products. Bluing agents help keep the original whiteness of shirts as it counteracts yellowing, which is usually products of stains and sometimes, too much usage.


Wash the same clothes together


It’s not just about the colors-- it’s also the texture. Batch your laundry depending on the type of fabric. Put denim together, and then cotton and softer fabric for another load. Harsher materials for clothing, as well as zips and other accessories, may cause fading to your shirts’ prints, peeling off the print materials when in contact.


Avoid using bleach


Bleach and other strong detergents such as softeners does not help on keeping your clothes at its best shape. It can dissolve adhesive for vinyl prints, and can also be damaging to the fabric as well. While this best applies for t-shirts, the same can also be said for your other garments. Instead, opt to getting a milder soap that will help you make your clothes last longer.


Heat is not your best friend


Too much heat can be damaging to your shirts. When washing, you can easily opt to use cold water as it cleans clothes just fine. Avoid dryers and putting your clothes under direct sunlight as well. It may take a while to dry them out, but it helps in preventing ink from distilling on your prints and helps you consume less electricity.

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